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Hello world indeed!

1/4 Bunny Photo Shoot

So who are the 1/4 Bunnies?!?

1/4 bunny, 2/4 archi student, 1/4 architect and 1/4 finance man…

We’re a bunch of nutters [with creative mathematical skills] taking Durban spirit across Africa with a side order of awesome!

This last Saturday saw the 1/4 Bunnies heading down to one of Durban’s Iconic buildings, the Moses Mahbida Stadium for the photo shoot of the year! Stage one of the Put Foot Rally 2012 prep is complete!


About thequarterbunnies

1/4 bunny, 2/4 archi students, 1/4 architect and 1/4 finance man - we're a bunch of nuts (with creative mathematical skills) taking Durban spirit across africa!


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