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Here, There and Everywhere…

Things have been CRAZY CRAZY for the Quarters Lately! With only 85 Days to go to the Rally we have got a LOT to do! Frau’s been in for a mechanical check and we’ve started sorting out some minor issues on her while waiting for our awesome Safari shocks, sponsored by Gabriel, to arrive. In the meantime we’ve been appearing all over the place trying to get people talking about the rally and the charities. Also got some fantastic donations from both Vision Elevators and GSP Architects. It’s really been overwhelming to see just how positive and excited people and businesses are about the Rally! Check us out in The Saturday Independent and the South Coast Sun. Thanks to Judd for the use of our epic local hangout, the Corner Cafe =)

In the Immortal words of Randy Marsh ‘Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot!!!”


About thequarterbunnies

1/4 bunny, 2/4 archi students, 1/4 architect and 1/4 finance man - we're a bunch of nuts (with creative mathematical skills) taking Durban spirit across africa!


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