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The Route – ish

Our official planner, ‘Staff Sergeant Parker’ has, (using nothing but his mind, rather a lot of wine and a official looking marker) prepared us….A GIANT MAP…(cue dramatic music)…of our route!!

Whohoo – it’s nearly here peeps!!! Watch this space for preparations and fundraising leading up to the rally!


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1/4 bunny, 2/4 archi students, 1/4 architect and 1/4 finance man - we're a bunch of nuts (with creative mathematical skills) taking Durban spirit across africa!


8 thoughts on “The Route – ish

  1. Looks great! Just wondering about your Malawi leg. Isn’t our Malawi checkpoint at the north end of lake Malawi? Livingstonia…
    I may be wrong, but that’s where I found it.
    You sure have an epic distance overall!!
    Good luck!!

    Posted by Bradley Glossop | 2011-10-20, 20:21
    • Helloo!

      Thanks! As far as I know the livingstonia hotel is near Salima in Malawi – not near Livingstonia in Northern Malawi…(well, at least I hope so).
      I’ve put the link to their website (which we got off the Put Foot Site) for you. http://www.sunbirdmalawi.com/sunbird-livingstonia-beach/
      They’ve got the map that shows where it is =) Good luck as well! Have you guys booked your accommodation yet?

      Posted by thequarterbunnies | 2011-10-20, 22:50
      • Thanks guys! Obviously didn’t use my mind when we checked the check points… We haven’t booked anything yet, still thinking of winging it? Spoke to one of last years crews who said accommodation was quite plentifully along the route. We just not sure how far the mini will take us from day to day. Are you guys booking?

        Posted by Bradley | 2011-10-20, 09:44
      • Sure thing !! =)

        Yeah, we’ve booked all our accommodation along the way so far (obviously excluding checkpoints) – main reason being we’re on a ‘wee’ bit of a budget and we didn’t want to leave things to chance in case they charged us more at the last minute – You basically have to take what you can get when you want to stop if you don’t book but If budget isn’t an issue though then it might be cool to see what’s good along the way… It’s been quite an exercise let me tell you – had to do a lot of reading from last year’s teams blog updates, lonely planet/rough guides/ tourism sites/ getaway blog and google earth. We’re gonna be publishing our accommodation points along the way on the blog this week to keep everyone in the loop so keep an eye out =)

        Hows your guys planning going otherwise? is the mini kitted out yet? Our old merc’s going in for shocks and tyres this week.

        Posted by thequarterbunnies | 2011-10-20, 13:59
      • Wow!! Good on you guys!!
        I struggle with time to do all the planning, no computer at home, so got to do it all at work, when we not busy, which is not very often…
        Looking forward to seeing the places you staying at, might look at joining you along the way if need be.
        The mini is still undergoing some mechanical preparation. Fixing some rather large rusty patches under the car so we dont fall through. But other than that, I think she pretty much ready! We still have to do a test run with her before the rally. Maybe something to Pilanesburg.

        How many spare tyres you taking with?

        Posted by Bradley | 2011-10-20, 10:04
      • Flip, this car stuff is so expensive!! I think we’ll take a spare plus one more…you?Ooh, trip to the Pilansberg sounds good, we’re gonna do a trip up to Clarens if we can =)

        Posted by thequarterbunnies | 2011-10-20, 19:03
      • Tell me about it… Also thinking of taking 2 spare wheels, and then maybe another 2 spare tyres, but I doubt that we’ll get to it. Space and money are the 2 things we dont have enough of…
        Good luck for the Clarens trip!! There’s not many weekends left before the start line!!

        Posted by Bradley | 2011-10-20, 08:33
      • hectic! I was just gonna say good luck fitting it into the mini =)
        Thanks we’ll keep you posted! Good luck with your stuff too!

        Posted by thequarterbunnies | 2011-10-20, 16:36

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