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Update 3: Mozambique

Hi Guys, I imagine that this will be my final update for the trip as we only have a couple of days left and our connectivity has been somewhat limited so far! I’m sitting under a massive mosquito net on a mattress on the floor at Zombie Cucumber Backpackers in Vilankulos which has been lovely. … Continue reading

Update 2: Malawi

Hi guys, Well, it’s just another evening sitting on the shores of Lake Malawi typing up the next update of our travels. We’re staying at a place called Fat Monkey’s backpackers and it’s just magical. In a nutshell, that pretty much sums up Malawi. White shores, high mountain passes and lush greenery..awesome stuff. The difference … Continue reading

Update 01: Zambia

Hi everyone! I’m sitting on the banks of the Zambezi River as I type the first update of the trip. It’s a gorgeous evening here, with the smoke from the wood fires of the locals adding to the pinks, purples and oranges of the sunset that shimmer across the water. The river’s quite placid at … Continue reading

The Road Trip South

It seems just the other day that we sat down on the evening of the anniversary of our trek across Northern Spain in 2010 and decided to do yet another crazy adventure – The Put Foot Rally 2012. We were dubious as to whether or not we could afford the entrance fee and weren’t sure … Continue reading

Pimped to the max bru….Rally and Cars in the Park ready!!!

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for the Quarters! Between organising sponsorships, collecting donations for the charities, getting people talking about Put Foot, prepping for the PMB Cars in the Park, getting Rhino cookies made (yes we love those little critters that much!),  and arranging to show off Frau at the Liberty Midlands Mall, … Continue reading

Home is where the tent is…

After weeks of scouring Lonely Planet guides, travel blogs from previous Put Footers, the Getaway Website, Catherine Lanz’s ‘Travels with a Roadkill Rabbit’, Google Earth and a million other sources, we’ve finally booked our accommodation along the route! A couple of grey hairs and some PC rage later, all we can say is that it’s … Continue reading

The Route – ish

Our official planner, ‘Staff Sergeant Parker’ has, (using nothing but his mind, rather a lot of wine and a official looking marker) prepared us….A GIANT MAP…(cue dramatic music)…of our route!! Whohoo – it’s nearly here peeps!!! Watch this space for preparations and fundraising leading up to the rally!

OOOOWEEE! (tet, typhoid and other bugs)

So this past couple of weeks have been filled with jabs of the most painful kind! The Quarters prepped their arms (and wallets – who have taken much longer to recover than the arms) and missioned down to Durbs ICC travel clinic. Tetanus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Meningitus, Hep A, malaria tabs, cavity searches… you name … Continue reading

Here, There and Everywhere…

Things have been CRAZY CRAZY for the Quarters Lately! With only 85 Days to go to the Rally we have got a LOT to do! Frau’s been in for a mechanical check and we’ve started sorting out some minor issues on her while waiting for our awesome Safari shocks, sponsored by Gabriel, to arrive. In … Continue reading

Have Frau, will Travel!!

Hey Guys!! With prep for the Rally in full swing, the Quarters have been trying to get as much local support and exposure for Put Foot and our charities as possible. Check out our first article in the Witness Newspaper here in PMB!! Here’s to The Put Foot Rally 2012 =)